Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Off to Write

This post was written yesterday night or should I say today morning but I am posting it now coz I slept while writing so please read it in that mood only

After trying so hard to write the perfect ending to my story Lucky in Love, I thought to myself I can’t do it today. It has been a long day. I should collapse on the coziest horizontal surface for my long awaited sleep. But I am staring at the ceiling, blinking my eyes trying to sleep. I tried counting the sheep and reached up 4939 and still no sign of sleep. It’s just sleep and me does not come along so well until I write something so I accepted my defeat and sat in front of my computer. And its not today that i have been facing this problem. I have this thing from a long time. Now its 3 am in the morning deprived of sleep my eyes are burning my spine is shouting out of pain but I have no idea about the ending of the story. I am totally wiped. I was walking down the street and I had the perfect ending for my love story and my heart said “Eureka”. Now when I am sitting in front of my laptop, I can’t think of anything. But my fingers are uncooperative, my mind refusing to function, it’s moving like a turtle. The climax of story is the most important thing for me coz it should have something different “Div effect” on it but I am blank now. This blog writing has become obsession for me. Every day I think I have to write something. Check my blog in each hour visitors or if anyone has left a comment or not. I remember a time when I used to take my food with me upstairs and eat and write simultaneously. Eating with my left hand (evening snacks) digging into bowl and writing with my right hand typing furiously whatever idea had come to my mind at that time. Let me tell you why I started writing blogs in the first place. I was running out of friends to take out my frustration. So first I started writing about my frustration and realities then I created my own fictional characters (if you have noticed I always use the same names for my stories). The good thing with me is I love telling stories. If even a small incident will happen in my daily life I describe it interestingly although it’s a common incident that can happen in anybody’s day to day life. I love creating new worlds and play around with them. I think I am suffering from writer’s fatigue now a days so it’s better to put up a creative goodbye post. It’s time to collect my thought back again before getting back to writing again. My blog has never been a victim of quantity. It has always been nourished by quality. It’s going to be a drought in my blog for a while for a better “crop” tomorrow. So bye guys and girls I am going to unplug my brain to writing for sometime.
                                                             Take care

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lucky in Love Part 5

So a little recap from the previous part. Aakash is a Facebook addict guy met a girl there named Jiya. Slowly they fall in love. But Sameer asked her to marry and she said yes. Aakash will sit in his room and cry. He never got out of his room. As he lived alone there was no one to take care of him. No one saw him in the college for days. One day Aakash was sitting on a chair. He was thinking about Jiya. He said to himself. Nothing is going to change if I will not do anything. Eventually Sameer and Jiya will get married if I didn’t do anything fast. So he called up Anamika and told her everything.
Anamika-I know yaar. But now anything can’t be done
Aakash- Abhi bahut kuch ho sakta hai. Do one thing you just give me her address. I will manage the rest
Anamika- are you gone crazy or what. What will you say to his dad…
Aakash- Tu address to de vo sab me dekh lunga. Tujhe to pata hai mein funde dene me expert hun
Anamika- Aakash I hope you know what you are doing coz if you screwed this up image of Jiya will be in jeopardy
Aakash- I know that yaar. I will never let that happen. Trust me. Main hun na. Remember Anamika when you said to me that uska dil dukhaya to me tera muh tod dungi. Ab bata me kiska muh todu…tera ya Sameer ka?
Anamika- I don’t know yaar. I mean I never thought it would turn out so bad. I am sorry Aakash.
Aakash- I know. It’s ok. Everything gonna be alright. Bye take care
Anamika gave the address to Aakash. He immediately called his friends some borrowed money and booked the flight. He packed his bag and ran towards the airport. As he sat there on the airport he thought “Should I tell Jiya that I am coming. But then she will make him understand how wrong I am and I shouldn’t do it. No it’s a bad idea”. The flight took 3 hours to reach there. As soon as he reached Jiya’s house, he saw the whole house decorated. As he entered in the house he saw overly makeup aunties dressed in sarees and exited uncles. He called up Anamika expecting she would be around.
Aakash- Where are you? I have reached Jiya’s house
Anamika-I am not at Jiya’s place.
Aakash- How I would recognize Jiya’s dad.
Anamika- I still think it’s not a good idea.
Aakash- Now it’s too late to back out.
Anamika- You are on your own now. Best of luck. I hope everything turned out as you have planned
And he kept the phone. He said to himself “Solid drama hone wala hai aaj”