Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Monday, January 31, 2011

Why love has to be so painful...:(

I picked up the phone thrice but could not gather courage to call her. After all these years and especially what happened between me and her. Life does not give us second chance. I wish I could tell her how much I love her. I loved her all the time we were together but it’s just the way I expressed it (or the way I didn't expressed it). In the course of time lots of things have changed. I know I was a complete jerk at that time but now I have changed entirely. Thing that have not changed for sure are my love for her and the distance between our hearts. I still remember her face when she first saw me after these years. She was literally starring at me with open mouth.…JI still have those sweet memories of hers that don’t let me sleep. I wish I can ask her to start it all over again. I know that it’s not possible but I can't help forgetting her. It’s these small things that keep reminding me of her. I am sorry if I can’t forget her even after so much of time has passed and for loving her more than anything in this world. But now I really don’t know what I should do. Because she is the only one I have loved. I never felt about some else like this as I feel it when I was with her. But there is a question that haunts me all the time am I wrong for loving her or she is wrong for not loving me back coz something has to be wrong since we are not together

Saturday, January 01, 2011

The cooking X-perience

Yesterday was the last day of 2010. And today is the new beginning now. My beginning is not so bad. When I came to know that my cook is not coming on the first day of the year. I thought I had to bring Maggi(as usual) because i am too lazy to go to a restaurant but my friend suggested to make food at home. First I was like who's gonna do all the stuff I mean washing peeling cutting and all that whatever is required. Its not that I have never entered into a kitchen I am good at make maggi :D. So we '3 idiots' entered into the kitchen. We eneterd into the kitchen and everyone was searching for every thing. i mean vinay was looking for spices. i was looking for frying pan and Das was looking for space to cook(of course). Vinay was the Mr. perfectionist like Aamir made the dal. Das was like maddy made rice and omelet and me as sharman joshi made the potato. Why am I saying X-perience is because the food was extra ordinarily good and it was expected to be a disaster. My new day has begun with cooking. Let me know if you people also did some thing new. I hope i will do it again in future and keep telling you the 'X-periences'....:)