Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Perfect Part 2

A little recap from the previous part. Aakash has finished his 12th and he had an argument with his father about his career. He was on his bike going towards the beach. His bike was tolerating all his anger. Whenever he uses to feel low, he will go to the beach and sit alone there. He was sitting there on one of the rock. He was looking the water. How calm it was. He thought just when wind starts to flow, waves take the gigantic form. He started thinking just like the sea should he also take the gigantic form and be a rebel to his father to fulfill his dreams or he should he be calm and to obey him lead life his father want him to. May be his father is right. May be becoming a writer is not a good idea. He has taken his decision. Now he started walking on the sand. Sun was about to set. The view was magnificent.  Thought started emerging on his mind. He sat down by the side took out his pen and notepad and started writing whatever he was thinking so that he won’t forget it when he will go home. Later he can write something good out of it. It was getting dark there. He started walking towards his bike. There was a smile on his face. Coz now he knew what he is going to do. He has been a good student in his school life. What happened if he has a course which is not of his interest. He can manage just how he has managed in school. And by the side he will keep writing. As he was driving his bike, he saw the skyscrapers of big corporate firms. He thought one day he will be working for one of the firms. As he reached home, his mother called him and was angry

Mother- Where did you go? We were worried about you.

Aakash- I went to the beach maa.

Mother- At least you should have had you lunch. Din me tum kabhi khana nahi khate ho. Esse hi chalta raha to weak ho jaoge (She was setting the dining table for dinner)

Aakash - Ok maa. Give me food now I am hungry.
Mother- Go, call your father also. He must me waiting too.

Aakash yelled (Sitting at the dining table) - Dad food is ready.

Mother (Giving a pat on the back) - You are so lazy. Room me jake nahi bhula sakta hai.

His dad entered the room and sat on the table. As they were eating Aakash started the conversation

Aakash- Dad I want some money

Dad- How much?

Aakash - Around 3000-4000

Dad - Itne paise kyon chahiye. Everything alright?

Aakash- Yes dad. Everything is fine. I need to fill the engineering entrance examination form. Ab engineering college me esse thodi na jane denge.

Dad- To finally tumhari akal thikane aa hi gayi. Achha hai. Abhi mere ass nahi hai. Mein tumhe kal paise de dunga.

And rest of the dinner was eaten in silence.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Perfect Part 1

Let me start my story with the by giving the introduction of the characters. Mr. Chopra a lower middle class government employee Mrs. Chopra a housewife and Aakash their son. The other characters are not important but as they appear in the story I will let you know. Aakash has just finished his 12th exams. Let’s go to Chopra residence and let’s see what happening there. There was a heated argument going on. The scene inside didn’t look good as it used to be. Aakash slammed the door and left the house. He was in full anger. He just had a huge argument with his dad about his career. His father wanted him to be an engineer and after that he wanted him to do a MBA so that he can get a job in a reputed IT company. But Aakash had entirely different thought going in his mind. He wanted to be a writer. The conversation which he had with his father is as follows

Aakash: Dad mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai

Dad:  Abhi me busy hun baad me baat kare.

Aakash: Its important dad. It’s about my career.

Mr. Chopra kept the file aside and started listening

Aakash: Dad I don’t want to do B. Tech. I don’t want to be an engineer

Dad: Then what you want to do. You want to struggle about things you can’t have and then when enough time has passed and you will not have a degree. You will have to join a BPO. That’s the future you want for yourself.

Aakash: At least let me try once

Dad: Even if you succeed you will not be able to earn yourself a lifestyle you will have when you will became a manager

Aakash- Dad whatever I will earn I will be happy. I will be doing things I am good at and at the same time I will be enjoying

Dad- This is what you want to do. Enjoy… Huh. If you are done with your foolish talk let me get back to my work.

Aakash- But Dad….

Dad- Enough. Now you will do as I say. No more arguments

And Aakash slammed the door behind as he left the room. Mrs. Chopra called Aakash as he was leaving the house
Mom- Aakash khana to kha ke jao

Aakash- mom mujhe bhook nah hai me bahar ja raha hun.
For Aakash it felt like suffocating in there. So he headed towards the beach on his bike

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Lucky in Love Part 6

So a little recap from the previous part. Aakash is a Facebook addict guy met a girl there named Jiya. Slowly they fall in love. But now her marriage is fixed somewhere else and Aakash has gone there to stop it. Anyways there he saw one man instructing everybody. He looked a little tensed. Aakash thought he could be Jiya’s father. He went up to him
Aakash- Uncle vo Jiya…
Uncle- Beta Jiya abhi ghar par nahi hai. Beauty parlor gayi hai.
Aakash- Uncle mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai.
Uncle- Beta abhi me busy hun. Tum baad me aana hum aaram se beth kar baat karenge
Aakash- Nahi uncle baat bahut important hai abhi hi karni zaruri hai.
Uncle- Essa kya hai jo thodi der bhi nahi ruk sakta. Waise tumne bataya nahi tum kaun ho
Aakash- Uncle mera naam Aakash hai
He saw Jiya coming.
Jiya- Aakash? What are you doing here?
Uncle- Do you know him?
Jiya- Aakash please tum yahaan se chale jao. Aaj meri engagement hai
Aakash- Jiya please aaj mujhe mat roko.
And then he told him everything to uncle.
Uncle- Tumhara dimaag to thikane par hai.
Aakash- I know uncle isliye me itni dur se bas aapse ye hi kahne aaya hun. Please ye sagaai rok dijiye, warna bahut der ho jayegi
Uncle- Jiya Do you love him?
Jiya- Yes papa but…
Uncle didn’t let Jiya finish her sentence. He spoke in between
Uncle- Do you kids think this is some kind of joke. Hindi movie ka scene hai kya ki ladka aayega aur engagement ruk jayegi
Till then everyone has gather around them. Everyone started talking.
Aakash- Shall we talk in a room. I don’t wanna create a scene
Uncle- Scene has already been created. What else do you want to do? I think you should leave.
At that time Sameer appeared out of no where
Sameer- Ye sab kya ho raha hai?
Aakash- Sameer you shut up. Let me talk
Sameer- Jiya Who’s this guy?
Jiya- He is Aakash
Sameer- Lekin ye to…
Aakash- Didn’t I asked you to shut up. I don’t like people interrupting me especially those whom I don’t like
Aakash (turned towards uncle)- Uncle meri baat to sun lijiye. Kyon aap Jiya ki shaadi zarbardasti uske saath karna chahte. Aapko bhi pata hai Jiya uske saath khush nahi rahegi. That ways you are ruining lives.
Aunty (Jiya’s mom) - Sahi to kaha raha hai Aakash.
Uncle- Tum beach me mat bolo
Aunty- kyon na bolu meri bachi ki zindagi ka sawal hai.
Aakash- Uncle me ye nahi bol raha ki aap Jiya ki shaadi abhi mujhse karwa dijiye. All I am asking is time. Just let Jiya and me spend some time. That ways we will know how much we love each other.
Sameer- Uncle I hate to say this but Aakash thik bol raha hai
Aakash looked at sameer in astornishment coz he never expected this coming from Sameer. Now uncle was silent. He was in a state of dilemma. Aakash thought am I in a dream or sameer is really supporting me. Then uncle smiled and said
Uncle- Jab dhula dhulhan razi to kya karega kazi.
Someone from the crowd said Sameer dekhta rah gaya aur Aakash le gaya bazi and everybody started laughing. Sameer’s face became red.
Suddenly Anamika arrived there and was surprised to see everyone laughing
 Aakash- Ye hamari Hindi film ki police ki tarah hai. Jab sab khatam ho gaya tab aa rahi hai.
And this series of laughter continued…
Aakash(to Sameer)- No offence with you buddy. Don’t take it amiss nothing was personal.
Sameer- I know that. If I was in you place I would have said same thing as you did.
Aakash- But if I was in your place I would have punched you
And they both smiled and shook hands. Everything went said Aakash thought. He started smiling and thought that he has done all the clich├ęs like running on the airport, stopping a marriage (engagement) that I hero do in the movies whom I thought were idiots