Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happily ever after.....Part 4

A little recap from the first part. Aakash (apna hero) saw Jiya (apni heroine) in the classroom and he gradually falls in love with her. He proposed her. And Jiya rejected his proposal. Now they met again coz of destiny. They exchanged numbers and left. After that they started messaging. Messaging changed into calling. 2 months passed away like that. But still Aakash has not brought up the topic of love again. He thought I have ruined it once I won’t do it again. Jiya was offered a new job in another city with better job profile and pay. He called Aakash and said “I have been offered a better job. This is what I always wanted. I am very happy. I have to leave the city as soon as possible” Aakash said “I am also happy for you” but he was not. He thought he is going to lose her once again. I was in a dilemma to tell her or not to tell her. He thought this was the last chance to tell her that his love for her has grown so much for her in that period. He has evolved so much. So he called up Anamika so that she can set up a meeting because now if he asks her directly to meet she will think something is fishy and she will pretend as if she is busy. Even her best friend said she is busy with her packing and all and he can’t meet her. May be coz she was “protecting” her from him. While he was talking to her she told that Jiya is leaving on next Wednesday at 4PM. At that time he thought she will leave him forever. He didn’t know what to do. He was all sad. On Wednesday it was Ethnic day in his college. He was not in a mood to go there but his friends dragged him so here he was in kurta pajama in the college not at all interested in the ethnic atmosphere. At that moment of time he had this insane idea in mind. He thought her train is at 4 and now it is 2 and station is like 30km from here he guessed he can make it and he thought all his life he have not taken any risk has always played safe But not this time otherwise he will lose her forever. He thought “This is my last chance what the hell I must do it”. So he asked his best friend for a bike. He gave him the keys. And he was like “dude you are coming with me”. Generally he drove bike at 30-40kmph but now he was now driving at an average speed of 60kmph and his friend was going crazy that “please slow down bro”. They reached the station by 3:50. His friend asked him in which coach she is in and Aakash was like “I don’t know”. He gave him looks like what are we going to do. He said you can’t search the whole train. Aakash said I have an idea (He always had weird ideas to get out of a difficult situation….J). He asked his friend to check the list of the reservations and message him the coach and the seat number he going to the other platform. He told Aakash its S6 berth no. 62. He went there. She was standing at the gate. He went up to her. She was shocked to see him (obviously…duh). She asked “what are you doing here”. He told her “I love you and my love for you has not changed in the period of time and even if you want to go I am not here to stop you. Long distance relations can be maintained I am not saying it’s easy but still I trust you and you can trust me”. She was like I don’t know. Suddenly her friend emerged out of nowhere he was like please go from here I don’t want any troubles from you and train started moving. He also moved along with the train. He asked her “I want an answer”. She looked at her and gave me this big smile. After that he could not chase the train. He always remembered that smile because that smile changed his life entirely. Happies the endings.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happily ever after.....Part 3

A little recap from the first part. Aakash (apna hero) saw Jiya (apni heroine) in the classroom and he gradually falls in love with her. He propose her on the phone coz he has already left the city. And jiya rejected his proposal. Aakash knew they can never go back to being friends. As he kept his phone he thought how stupid he was to propose her on the phone. He could have waited for 2 months and proposed her in person with roses and all but damage had been done. Kya kare experience nahi tha na. Anyways after that he tried to forget her kept on moving in my life but still he could not forget her. Little things he did remained of her. He was not ready to move on. Still there was a hope that one day she will be come to him she will be his forever and the “happily ever after” thing will be true. But as the time passed hopes started to fade, and he was not the same Aakash he used to be. He started talking less. People never saw him smiling after that incident. After 4 year some miracle happened or should we say it was his faith that jiya came to the same city for searching job. Aakash had no idea that she was in town. Luckily he checked her profile on Facebook. Some guy had written on her wall like Oh my goodness!!Yaar tum “hamari city” me ho!!Kaha par ruki ho…. This was enough clues for Aakash. He immediately wrote on her wall to contact him. But somewhere in his heart he knew he won’t get a reply coz 4 year they have not talked with each other. But Jiya called him and told her where she was staying and what she was doing in town. Aakash proposed to meet somewhere but she was so busy with her schedule or maybe she didn’t want to meet him. But Aakash didn’t lose hope. In our story there is introduction of a new character named Anamika. She is best friend and present roommate of jiya. Aakash thought I should talk to her. Maybe she could help. So anyhow Aakash managed to get the cell number of Anamika. He calls her up and tells her the whole story. Anamika said “tumhara koi chance nahi hai Aakash. Tum bekaar me apna time waste kar rahe ho. mein tumhari isme koi madad nahi kar sakti”. Aakash said “hey I am a nice guy. I am not going to hurt her if you think the other way. I love her very much”. Anamika said “I know but mein tumhari chah kar bhi madad nahi kar sakti. She is so indulged in her work that she won’t look at you.” Aakash said “koshish to karke dekho” Anamika said “ok I will put a word in her ear and I will give a call if something happened”. Several days passed like that but she didn’t call. It was Christmas Eve and Aakash was sitting in his balcony and was thinking about her. All his friends were out to celebrate. One of his friends called him asked him again to come to the mall. He said “it will be good for you. Tera mood thik ho jayega” With the heavy mind he changed his clothes and came out. It was pretty cold outside. Putting his hands in sweat shirt he was walking down the street. His mind was wandering somewhere else. One girl passed by him. He thought he saw a familiar face. He turned back to see again and there was a smile on her face. He called “hey jiya” the girl turned around and was shocked to see Aakash. Aakash asked “What a pleasant surprise. What are you doing here” jiya said “I work at that building” and she pointed towards a building “what about you” Aakash pointed out the building adjacent to it and said “I live there”. Maybe destiny wanted them to meet and perhaps it was fate that day was Christmas Eve. Earlier there was mist all over the place but now the road is all clear. Aakash knew the path and he knew the destination. It was the best gift Aakash could ever ask for from Santa.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happily ever after.....Part 2

A little recap from the first part. Boy saw girl in the classroom and Aakash (apna hero) gradually falls in love with the girl (apni heroine) but never had the courage to tell her. Now days were moving fast. Aakash didn’t realize it. He was busy enjoying moments with jiya. It felt within a fraction of second 4 years passed and it was time to leave the school. Then he realized some part of him was going far away and he didn’t have the guts to tell her. Actually he was little bit of confused too. He was thinking like how I can fall in love. All his life he hated those love stories. He thought people who fall in love are jokers. He had been practical his whole life. He thought there is no such thing as love. Only give and take relationship exits. But definitely he was in love. Anyways he didn’t tell her coz he didn’t want to lose such a good friend. In order to stop thinking about her he thought maybe it will be good for him to stay away from her so that I can forget her and Coz jiya lived across the street and he will see her daily. He thought he should leave the city. How na├»ve he was. He didn’t know love is a most cruel thing that can happen to someone. He came to another city for studies but every second there was like hell for him. Every second apart from her was like eternity. He would think about her all the time he would sit in my room sulk in my pain like “devdas”. It was his first Valentine’s Day in the college. Everybody in the hostel went out with their girlfriends. He was sitting on the edge of the roof on the 13th floor of his building all alone. It was evening time around 6. Sun was about to set. He thought what she will be doing right now. Has she gone on a date or she is staying home just like me. There was only one way to find it out. He called her. She said she is sitting in her room alone. No one asked her out that is why she didn’t go out. Aakash thought this is the best time to propose her. He thought as I feeling lonely may be she is also feeling the same thing. It took lot of courage for Aakash to say “jiya mein tumse kuch kahna chahta hun”. Jiya said “haan haan bolo”. And there was a silence of 4-5 seconds and finally he said “I love you jiya”. And jiya said “Aakash tum kabhi nahi sudharoge na. Tumhe aaj ke din bhi mazak suj raha hai”. And Aakash was like “mazak..?. I am serious jiya. I have always been a serious guy. It’s just to make you laugh to see that sweet smile I used to make that jokes” and then jiya said the heart breaking thing to Aakash “ Aakash mene tumhe kabhi us nazar se dekha hi nahi and moreover I want to concentrate on my career now”. And then there was a silence. Jiya asked “tum ro rahe ho…?” and Aakash said “nahi” but he was crying. Aakash said “mene sab kuch bigard diya. Ab hamari friendship bhi khatam ho jayegi. Isliye me tumhe kuch batana nahi chahta tha par kya karu ye dil nahi mana isliye bol diya” jiya then said “no you did the right thing and we can be friends.” But Aakash knew it will never going to be same again

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happily ever after.....Part 1

Let me start this story by giving you the introduction of the characters of my story. The first character is Aakash height 5” 11’ dark guy another character is a sweet mischievous girl name jiya height 5” wore specs (the reason behind telling their height will be revealed later). The other characters are not important but as they appear in the story I will let you know. The story starts with Aakash sitting in his rooming thinking about the event which happened few hours ago. Few days back Aakash was reading “Cinderella story” to his little niece. The last line appeared bit controversial to him (not exactly the last line….:P). It said “And they lived happily ever after”. It made him wonder is there really a happy ending to every love story. At that time he thought “ye sab to movies me hota hai real life is much different” but he did not know that his perception about love and all these things was about to change. Let me reverse time and allow you to go into the past to know why he thought that way. No you don’t have to go to black and white age. You have gone much far come back to 2003. He entered into the classroom. He saw the teacher was teaching and guys and girls sitting in the room listening to her sincerely. He was not able to see the face of one of the girl coz she had kept her head on the table pretending to be asleep. As he entered everyone’s attention was on Aakash coz of the sound of the gate. That gate must have been of black and white age sounding like a horror movie gate with an irritating sound. As that girl raised her head to see whether the teacher has noticed her. He saw her and thought she is just another girl. She was not the prettiest girl in this world. She is so imperfect in her way (she was just a normal girl). That day he had to sit beside that girl. After that this became his habit to sit there. They became very good friends. Aakash was a jovial kind of person. He took everything lightly. He used to make fun of jiya all the time. Even if the situation demanded him to be serious. Feelings started to grow in his heart for that girl but he could not define it. He thought maybe it’s just the infatuation. Come on he was just 15 what do you expect from a kid of his age to understand the complex nature of love Bache ki jaan loge kya. But gradually he started falling in love with jiya but he was not aware of it. Aakash fell in love with her imperfections like her specs and height (they had a difference of around1 foot….:D). He used to stare at her during the class. He used have butterflies in his stomach with she was around. But he never got the courage to talk to her about his feelings. They used to talk to each other and fight with each other like little kids. Aakash used to call her “chasmish” and jiya used to call him “stupid”. Time was passing smoothly. He started thinking maybe she also likes her. He started taking things for granted. This was his biggest mistake.