Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lets do some catching up

It has been days that I have flickered over this blogging site. It reminds me of time when I was addicted to it. I just started looking at the comment today which brought back all the memories. It's just life has been a roller coaster ride since i have left blogging...Mmmm.. Lets just say I was on a break. But you know the feeling that inspired me to write stuff has gone. I mean I used to be sad which use to give me inspiration. But now I don't have to time to even think. Don't know what to write now. Ok lets talk about my career. Your comments can be very useful for me(If any one bothered to read this far...:P:P).
I have been working with Convergys Solution. Not though i am enthusiastic about this job. But you know what they say The best part of the job is the salary. My motive is the same. It has nothing to do with my engineering skills. No no wait a sec... It has. Engineering taught me How to "Copy-Paste". I am using it here excessively. I always wanted to be an artist. I mean not necessarily a writer... may be a guitarist or something. And let me tell you the irony of the whole situation is that being a artist you are not suppose to "Copy-Paste". By the way job is not that bad it seems so. We have been provided with XBOX 360 Kinnet to play around. Table tennis and pool too.
By the side of my job, I have joined a web designing course so that i can use my technical and creative skills together. I want to set up my own Company. Far fetched idea though i know. I want to create websites which no one has created. If that idea fail I will writing my novel. i have start writing it. I have written some 10 pages or so. Let see how it turns out to be. You people will buy one of my books...Won't you(new age marketing by emotionally blackmailing people to do things..:P:P). If that plan also fails I will come back to what I am doing now. The "Copy-paste" stuff.
Your "Vishesh tipnis" are always welcome about my career and also about my writing. Hey guys gotta rush now. Time to leave the office. I won't say good bye... Coz "Hum hai rahi pyaar ke, Phir milenge Chalte chalte...:):)"(My blog post hai ek dialogue to banta hai...:D:D)(Without filmy dialogue my blog post is incomplete)(Sorry about the non-Hindi readers...:):))

Monday, August 06, 2012

This is my new resume. Any1 wana hire me...:P:P. Scribbled by me and photoshopped by my friend. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Mystery of the Rose Part5

Jan 12 2:00PM
We came back home empty handed with no significant information about the killer. ‘Shona you should go to parent’s place for a while’. I said to Sonia. 

‘I am not running from this Puneet’ I saw anger in Sonia’s eyes 'he has killed my best friend. I am gonna make sure that he also dies the same way’

‘Come on Sonia you gotta be kidding me. Cases like these are hiked at some point by the media but sometimes everyone forgets the incidents.'

 ‘Don’t “come on” me Puneet. How will you feel if someone has killed Sagar right in front of your eyes? You would have let it go. I know you had issues with Pooja but…’

‘It’s not like that’ I snapped. 

She frowned. 

‘Ok baba. Don’t go. Now don’t spoil your mood’.

I hugged her from behind. Then I realized how in a big mess my room was. So we started cleaning up. We were so tired from the last night that I slept on my couch and she slept on the bed.

Jan 12 7:00 PM
I was woken up in the evening by Sagar’s call. ‘Hey dude’ I said with a sleepy voice.

‘You alright? I heard about Pooja in the news’

‘Ya kind of. But you know Sonia seems to be little upset.’

‘Ya I can understand. Come to Techillas dude. We will have some chat and Sonia’s mood will get better.’

‘Will try to convince her. But can’t promise bro. will let you know.’

‘Ok. Fine’. As I put down the phone I saw Sonia coming out of the room with half opened eyes. ‘Who was it’ she said while yawning.

‘Sagar was asking if we are coming to Techillas now.’

‘Naah I don’t have a mood. If you want you go.’

‘Come on sweetheart your mood will get better.’ I pushed her.

‘Ok but we are not drinking.’ I gave her a weird look like then what’s the use of going there.

‘Not we, you are not drinking’. 

She gave me an angry look. 

‘Look kya de rahi hai. Go get ready’.

She took around 15mins in bathroom. Till then I was browsing on my laptop. ‘Again you set on the laptop. You don’t have to get ready’

‘I just have to wear a t-shirt.’

‘Going in shorts’

‘What’s the problem’


I always hated this “Nothing” girls do. Eventually I found myself walking down in a jeans. I texted Sagar that we are coming. But the time we got there, Sagar had also come. ‘Had we kept you waiting.’I asked. 

‘No just came in.’ 

‘So what’s for today?’

‘If we are in Techillas then get us some Tequila’.

‘Ok then’.

‘I will still say you should not drink.’ Interrupted Sonia.

‘Oh come on Sonia just because of him we can’t let go living. I can’t let him govern our lives.’

And in the next one hour me and Sagar had 7 shots each. In the meanwhile Sonia was stuck to lime water. 

‘Don’t you think you are going way ahead of our limits Puneet’ said Sonia when I asked Sagar to get the next round.

‘Baby this is the last one. I promise’. After that we had dinner there only. By the time we got out of the bar I was little tipsy. As we were moving in the parking lot I spotted the same Audi which was following us the previous night. I said the same to Sonia.

‘Puneet you are drunk. We should get you stuffed into my car.’ The Audi burned wheels and started approaching us. I pushed Sonia to the side. The car hit and passed by me. I lied there. My vision started getting blurred. I was approaching unconsciousness. The last thing I remember was Sonia yelling for help and ‘I will not let anybody hurt you.’ I kept saying this over and over again.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Mystery of the Rose Part4

Jan 12 7:00AM

We were having tea in bed when I switched on the TV. I put on the news channel. ‘Not the news channel again’ said Sonia. 

‘Sshhh. It’s showing news about the murderer you saw last night’. And I heard the news anchor saying ‘This is the first time that mysterious murderer has done two murders in one night that too in same apartment. One was done in flat 302 and the other one in flat 303 just opposite to that in Spring Field. According to the police…’ I muted the sound. ‘Oh my god… NO’ screamed Sonia. Pooja was murdered that night too. She started crying. We ran towards Sonia’s apartment. There was police all over the place. When we reached there one police officer stopped us.

‘Are you Ms. Sonia’?

‘Yes I am’.

‘Ma’am would you please step aside. I wanted to ask you some questions’

Sonia didn’t say anything. She was still in a shock of Pooja’s death. She was sobbing. Tears were flowing from her eyes. Her eyes have become red now. I embraced her from the side to indicate have some courage and be strong. Now the police officer asked ‘Where were you last night?’ and the pain she was holding up came out as tears. She hugged me tightly. The police officer looked at me as if asking who I was. ‘My name is Puneet. I am Sonia’s boyfriend’. Now Sonia was looking better. She started telling him about the last night. She told him each bit of it. The officer listened to her patiently. ‘Pooja’s murder was not preplanned. We could not find any rose over or near the dead body’. He said after she was finished telling her story 

‘So how can you be so sure that the person who killed both of them is same?’ 

‘The weapon used was same in both the case. A knife designed solely for military in World War II has been used and it was primarily intended for hand-to-hand or close combat fighting’

I gave a weird look to him. 

‘I googled it’ said the police officer.

‘So may be this guy belongs to military.’ 

'Previously it was not easy to get these kind of knives but nowadays its easily available in market’. Said the officer. 

I just nodded in affirmative not knowing what to say. 

‘Can you tell me what does he look like? Anything would be helpful’ he said

‘I couldn’t look properly as it was dark and he was wearing black clothes but yes he had a scar on his left cheek’.  

‘He was around 5’ 10”.’ I added. 

‘Hmm if have something new to tell here is my card.’

I took his card.

‘But you told me Pooja had the night shift in her office. What was she doing in her apartment’? I asked Sonia.

‘According to her colleagues her night shift finished early today so she came back home’ said the police officer.

With a pause he said again ‘May be the killer wanted to kill you but instead when he found Pooja there he killed her’.

Sonia felt a chill down her spine.

‘This is not a simple murder case. We are looking at homicidal maniac’ I heard the officer say as we left from there.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Mystery of the Rose Part3

Jan 11 9:15PM

She said ‘she will be back in 5 mins’. I never believed a girl when she says that she will take 5mins to get ready. I knew Sonia is gonna take at least 30mins. As she got out of the car she asked ‘Are you not coming upstairs?’

‘Naah I am good here only. Anyways Pooja won’t like my presence. You go and change’ I said cautiously.

Pooja was Sonia’s roommate. For some stupid reason she hated me. She uses to think guys like me can’t stay faithful to one girl for a long time. I was not good enough for her. Sometime I thought she was a lesbian. It has past 25mins and it was getting hard for me to wait. I called Sonia. She didn’t pick up her call. As I got out of my car to go to Sonia’s apartment a dead body fell on my car. All the glasses were shattered. I bend down to save myself from getting hurt. I looked up. It fell from 3rd floor. I ran towards Sonia’s apartment. I saw Sonia coming out of her building, ‘you alright? What happened?’ I yelled. Sonia was terrified. She handed keys of her car to me and asked me to get in her car and drive as fast as I can.’ Will you tell me what the fuck was that and what’s going on?’ I asked burning the wheels.’ I saw a man killing my neighbor. He was behind me. I somehow saved myself and ran out of there’. ‘Is Pooja safe’? I asked. ‘She is on night duty today’. As we were passing M G road I noticed an Audi coming rapidly towards us. ‘Wear your seat belt Sonia’ I said changing the gear. I paced on 60 to 90miles per hour but still that car was behind us. I took some swift turn drifting the vehicle. ‘I think we have lost him’ I said to Sonia. But I was wrong. On the next turn itself Sonia screamed ‘On your right’ and he hit the car. I saw him through the tinted window. He was wearing black clothes, black hat and an aviator shades. I wondered how someone can wear shades at night. Anyways I took a left turn and he had to go straight because the turn was so steep. If he had taken his chances he would have ended in colliding in the wall. Finally we were out of his reach. Sonia took a breath of relief. ‘It’s not safe going to your place for the time being’ I said to Sonia and turned my wheels to my place. I saw Sonia really scared sitting on my couch with her hands tangled around her waist. Tears rolled down her cheek. ‘Don’t worry sweetie. I am with you. I will let anybody hurt you’ and I hugged her from behind. She felt relaxed. She looked up and the distance between our lips reduced to zero. It turned into a passionate kiss and until I got to know we were out of our clothes. I got over her on the couch itself. I warned her one last time ‘you sure about this’. She shook her head while kissing. I kissed her neck played with her navel. I cuddled her for a while. We made love all night. I don’t know what went into her and made her do so but whatever it was, it made me feel wonderful. 

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Mystery of the Rose Part2

Jan 11 7:45PM
Sagar was waiting for me there already. Sagar a typical Guajarati mamma’s boy. His dad had a huge business in Ahmadabad but he wanted to do something else rather than selling sarees at one of his father’s shop. 'What the hell men… why are you late?' said Sagar

'Sorry dude. I was working late in the office. Really tired.'

'Hmm ok. So what are we having today? The usual?'

'No dude I am not in a mood to go for shots today. I will stick to beer only'

'Beer it is'

Sagar ordered beer for both of us. Then we started talking

'You know there is this serial killer all over the news today. He has raped and killed 9 females. And the interesting thing about him is the leaves a rose as his token on the dead body' I said.

'Ya I heard but police says he is psycho and he needs a psychiatrist rather than jail.'

'But eventually he will be put to jail'

Just then Sonia called. She said she will be free a little early today so I suggested her to come to Techillas. She said she will be there in 40 mins.

Jan 11 8:45PM

When Sonia reached there, I was 2 bottles down. She was looking stunning in that white dress which extended till her knees. I asked ‘Where did you get this dress’ because she always wears an office suit. She said ‘I bought this dress a year ago but never got a chance to wear it. I found it in my wardrobe this morning so wore it, thought it would be a nice change for the day’. I offered her beer knowing that she does not drink. She gave me angry look. I smiled and said ‘you look cute when you are angry’. She said ‘Do you want some more cuteness’. Sagar intervened ‘somebody is in trouble now’. I said ‘chill out baby. What happened? You seem upset’. She said it’s her boss. Then she explained about how her boss is an asshole. I was too tired to listen to her. I just “hummed” all way down the conversation. Then I bid goodbyes with Sagar and left the place. As we were moving towards the car I saw signs of worrying on her face. I said ‘Darling leave that jackass in the office. Why should we ruin our evening? Come on now give me a lovely smile’. She smiled. While getting into the car ‘I wanted to go home and changed first’ she said. I said ‘sweetheart you are looking beautiful in this dress only’. ‘Thanks but I need to take a quick shower too’ and I didn’t had any other option but to say ok. I turned the keys and brought engine to life roared a bit showing off my 1961 Mustang and drive out of the parking lot. As we were on the road it went up to 80Kmph. Sonia scolded me what are you doing Puneet. Drive slowly. And I had to go down to 40-50Kmph. I finally screeched my wheel in front of Sonia’s apartment.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Mystery of the Rose Part1

15 Jan 06:30AM

‘You awake?’ she said 
I opened my eyes. I saw the first ray of light fall on her face, I could see a smile. It said a new day has begun. She looked at me with half opened eyes. I got lost in her innocence the flair on her face still some sleep was left in her eyes. Event of last night flash backed on to my mind. It has been a crazy week. Who thought our normal will change gears and give a mind bobbling week.

11 Jan 7:00PM

My evening has begun with regular things like coming from the office. I got myself stuffed in the beanbag watching some news. It showed some serial killer who has murdered 9 females. What amused me was he used to rape them and then murder them and put a rose as his token. Sagar has called me twice that day to come to Techillas but I was not in a mood. Mind was busy thinking about Sonia. When will she be back from her office and we will go to Barbeque Nation once I am done with few drinks at Techillas with Sagar. This has been my plan to out for some drinks with Sagar and have dinner with Sonia and return to place. Sometimes it included a romantic walk even though I had a car. Sometimes I used to stop the car in some desert place like Sonia’s apartment parking lot just to make out for a while. Sonia has a thinking of having sex after marriage only and I was ok with it. And since it has been only 1 month we have been dating. We were just so perfect for each other. She belonged to a middle class Marathi family. Dad worked in BEHL and mother was a house wife. She was mature slow going girl never done anything adventurous in her life as I wanted her to be like that. And me… I won’t say I am a rich brat but you could say we belonged to upper middle class family and being in a one of best engineering colleges in city and living alone in a flat has its own perks. I had spend many fun filled night out with my friends. Drove bikes at high speeds racing through the traffic filled streets, even drags at night. Got drunk really bad and created a scene outside the house of one of my college teacher. Luckily he was also a youngster and understood that these were the days to have fun. Now I am working in a software firm so I have to act sophisticated but sometimes my wild side comes out in weekends. So Sonia wanted some adventure in her life. No she needed it. Someone has correctly said Opposite attracts. I first saw Sonia in one of my friend’s party (although I don’t know how her parents allowed her to get to one). Anyways I was lucky we met that day. In the first meeting we were so fond of each other that we started talking even after the party ended. Then it started with a hiii on Facebook and then in messages and eventually late night calls ending with one of us sleeping while talking. We started meeting quite often. Kake da dabba was our favorites spot because it was little out of the city. We will sit under and have a moon light dinner. But today I was different. I was too tired to go out. So I was thinking of calling Sonia to my place and I will make the dinner for both of us. But when Sonia said she wanted to try something new so I couldn’t refuse her cute request. So I went to Techillas.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

प्यार...? दोस्ती...? भाग 6

वो किचिन में आंटी के पास गया।

आकाश- आंटी आपको  समीर कैसा लगा….?

आंटी- अच्छा लड़का है। मिश्रा जी को हम लोग बहुत पहले से जानते है। दिल्ली में होने के बावजूद हम इन लोगो के संपर्क में थे।

आकाश- आपने देखा जिया का स्वभाव समीर के सामने बदल जाता है।

आंटी- हाँ वो तो है। लेकिन तुम कहना क्या चाहते हो?

आकाश- मै ये बोल रहा हूँ की आप जिया और समीर की बात मिश्रा अंकल से क्यों नहीं करते।

आंटी- ना बाबा ना। पिछली बार तुम्हारी और जिया की जब बात की थी तो वो बहुत गुस्सा हो गयी थी।

आकाश- अच्छा मै जिया से बात करता हूँ फिर आप जिया से बात कर लेना।

समीर के जाने के बाद जिया और आकाश बात करने लगे।

आकाश- अच्छा बंदा है ना समीर

जिया- ठीक है।

आकाश- हाँ हाँ जब सामने बेठा हुआ था तेरी नज़र उससे हट नहीं रही थी।

जिया- एसा कुछ नहीं है।

आकाश- सच्ची सच्ची बता. अच्छा लगा ना तुझे वो।

जिया- परेशान मत कर।

आकाश- बता ना। मुझसे क्या शर्मा रही है।

जिया(मुस्कुरा के)- हाँ अच्छा था।

आकाश- तो तेरी बात करवाता हूँ।

जिया- तू पागल है क्या...

आकाश- बचपन से

जिया– बकवास मत कर

आकाश- जब तू उससे बात कर रही थी तेरी शक्ल देखना चाहिए थी। मै आंटी से बोलता हूँ कि तेरी और उसकी 
तेरी बात करने के लिए।

जिया- अभी रुक जा थोड़ी समय।

आकाश जिया को डेरी मिल्क किलकार बोलता है

आकाश- चल खा ली ना डेरी मिल्क चल अब शुभ काम भी कर ले। शुभ काम मे देरी कैसी?

आकाश जिया की मम्मी के पास गया और मुस्कुराने लगा।

आंटी- क्या हुआ?

आकाश- आपकी लड़की ने हाँ बोल दी है। शादी की तयारियां शुरू कीजिये।

आंटी- शादी… अभी उन लोगो से बात भी नहीं हुई है।

आकाश-  वैसे भी उन्हें जिया जैसी अच्छी बहू कहा मिलेगी? वैसे भी इसकी जल्दी शादी करवाओ। इसको मना कर दिया तो लड़का नहीं मिलेगा

आंटी- हट पागल...!!!

थोड़े दिन के बाद समीर और जिया की शादी हो गयी। उसके कुछ दिन के बाद आकाश और अनामिका ने भी शादी कर ली।

अनामिका- जल्दी चलिए देर हो रही है। जिया और समीर  इंतज़ार कर रहे है।

आकाश अपनी यादों से बाहर आया और महसूस किया की वो वहाँ पीछे 5 min से खड़ा है। आज समीर और जिया की शादी की दूसरी सालगिरह थी। आकाश ने जल्दी से अपना कोट उठाया और समीर जिया और अनामिका के साथ डिनर पर चला गया।

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

प्यार...? दोस्ती...? भाग 5

अब रोज़ रात को अनामिका और आकाश के बीच मेसेज का सिलसिला चलता। ये सिलसिला फ़ोन में तब्दील हो  गया। आकाश दिन में जिया को पिछली रात की कहानी सुनाता।

आकाश- Thanks यार। तेरी वजह से मुझे मेरा सच्चा  प्यार मिल गया। अब मै तुझे लड़का पटाने में मदद करूँगा।

जिया- तू रहने दे। किसी भी लड़के को पटना मेरे बाये हाथ का खेल है।

आकाश- हाँ तो ठीक है ना। देखते है।

एक दिन जिया अपनी मम्मा के साथ शौपिंग करने गयी। जिया और आंटी के हाथ में बहुत सारे बेग थे। तभी 
एक लड़का सामने से आकर बोला “हेलो आंटी क्या मै आपकी मदद कर सकता हूँ।”

आंटी- Its ok बेटा। हम लोग बस पास ही में जा रहे थे।

लड़का- पास में…? मुझे लगा आप लोग घर जा रहे थे।

इतने में जिया बोल पड़ी।

जिया- तुम्हे कैसे पता हमारा घर कहाँ है। तुम हमारा पीछा कर रहे हो।

लड़का- लगता है आंटी आपने मुझे पहचाना नहीं। जिया को मै दोष नहीं दूंगा बहुत साल हो चुके है उसे मुझे देखे हुए।

आंटी(थोड़ी सोच के)- नहीं बेटा सॉरी।

लड़का- आंटी मै समीर।

आंटी- समीर… अरे तुम मिश्रा जी के लड़के हो ना।

समीर मुस्कुरा दिया। जिया अभी तक समझ नहीं पाई थी।

आंटी- बेटा इतने साल कहाँ थे। कितने बड़े हो गए हो।

समीर- आंटी डैड के ट्रान्सफर के बाद वापस यहाँ आना ही नहीं हुआ। बस वही के हो के रह गए। डैड के retirement  के बाद वो बोले की यही वापस आके रहना सही है।

आंटी(जिया से)- बेटा ये समीर है। तुम्हारे और आकाश के साथ स्कूल में था।

समीर- अरे हाँ आकाश कहाँ है? क्या कर रहा है वो आजकल?

आंटी- बेटा अब तुम घर चलो वही सारी बातें करेंगे। सबसे मिल भी लेना। आकाश भी अभी यही है।

समीर- लाइए आंटी अब तो कुछ बेग मुझे दे दीजिये।

जिया- हाँ थोड़े से मेरे से भी ले लो। बहुत भारी है।

समीर- इतनी हट्टी कट्टी लड़की हो खुद नहीं उठा सकती।

आंटी और समीर हंस दिए। जिया झेप गयी। ये लोग जिया के घर के ओर चल दिए।

आंटी(घर पर)- जिया आकाश को कॉल करके यही बुला लो।

जिया(फोन पर)- ओये क्या कर रहा है।

आकाश- कुछ ख़ास नहीं क्यों …।

जिया- घर आ जा मम्मा ने बुलाया है।

आकाश- कोई ख़ास काम…।

जिया- मेरे और तेरी शादी की बात करने के लिए नहीं बुला रही है। तू सवाल बहुत पूछता है।

आकाश- अच्छा ठीक है। आ रहा हूँ।

आकाश जैसे ही जिया के घर में घुसा सोफे पर बता समीर बोल पड़ा।

समीर- आओ ठाकुर आओ।

आकाश- अबे समीर तू यहाँ… कैसे? मेरा मतलब है कितने टाइम के बाद मिल रहा है. What’s up man?

समीर- अँगरेज़ की औलाद सुधर जा।

जिया(आंटी से)- मुझे कैसे याद नहीं समीर।

आंटी- पता नहीं।

जिया बस समीर को देखता ही जा रही थी।

आकाश - कहाँ खो गयी जिया।

जिया- मै…मुझे क्या हुआ है?

आकाश स्थिति को बांपता हुआ बोला- और समीर, कोई girlfriend है की नहीं।

समीर(जिया को देखता हुए)- कहा यार आजकल अच्छी लडकियों मिलती कहाँ है।

समीर और जिया के बीच की chemistry आकाश ने महसूस कर ली थी।