Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lucky in Love Part 4

So a little recap from the previous part. Aakash is a Facebook addict guy met a girl there named Jiya. And as conversation progressed Aakash proposed her. At first Jiya was reluctant but as she saw caring nature of Aakash she said yes. Now life of both have changed. They never noticed it but it did. As for Aakash he started smiling for no reason, started singing love songs in between of work. Jiya started became conscious about her look. She will frequently view the mirror. Life was so good for them. Even since they have not met each other but they thought they knew each other from a long time. Time whether its good or bad it changes. If life was so simple why people would have to struggle for anything. Once Aakash was busy in work so he could not call Jiya for a week. Even Jiya could not call. That day Jiya called in the middle of the night. Aakash picked up the call in half sleep. In the morning as Aakash was checking his calls he saw Jiya’s number in the received calls. So he called back Jiya and but as the conversation progressed Aakash found Jiya’s tone different.

Aakash- Did you called last night? I don’t remember you calling me

Jiya- Yes. I wanted to talk to you

Aakash- Ya tell me now
Jiya- now it doesn't matter any more 

Aakash (with a smile) - Ok but did I said anything while in sleep

Jiya- You picked up the phone and said don’t disturb me now.

Aakash- really!!! I am sorry I was aware. I was in my sleep. Something wrong? 
 You sound disturbed

Jiya started crying

Jiya- I am sorry Aakash.

Aakash- What happened Shona. Tell me

Jiya- You didn’t call me for past 1 week and I was feeling sad and lonely. I tried calling you but could not get through. I wanted to talk to someone. In the meanwhile sameer came home. He saw me and asked me so I told him everything and I don’t know what happened to me I laid my head on his shoulder. He was moving my hand in my hairs. He said I love me and wanted to take care of me. He want to marry me. I didn’t answer and we stayed there for a long time. And next day his parent came to my home with a marriage proposal and they talked with my parents and now our parents wanted to tie the knot.

Aakash was getting restless on the other side. He crossed his fingers and asked what did you said Jiya

Jiya- I said I wanted time to think. And I called yesterday night to tell you everything but after seeing your response I was angry. So I called sameer and said yes to him.

Aakash was shattered

Aakash- Jiya I was sleeping. I even don’t remember receiving your call. You are giving absurd reasons. How can you do this to me?

Jiya- I know but I was angry. And moreover I couldn’t tell my parents about you. 
They will think it’s not love. And I don’t want to see my parents unhappy. For their sake I said yes

Aakash- You cared about their happiness. What about your happiness my happiness?

Jiya- I am sorry Aakash. My parents are everything to me. I can’t say NO to them. It will be good for both of us to forget each other.

Aakash- How easily you said forget each other. I can’t think living without you for one day

Jiya- My engagement is next week. Sameer is my would be husband. It will good for you too to forget me and move on with your life. You have not even met me. You will easily forget me.

And Jiya kept the phone. Aakash sat there crying alone in his room. He was thinking what went wrong. On the other side Jiya was also crying on her helplessness

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Non sense Continues

Before starting this blog let me tell you this blog post is written out of boredom and frustration coz of my studies and a desperate attempt to increase the TRP of this blog. Readers should read this content at their own risk. Writer should not be held responsible if you get bored at the end of this blog. Another warning that is should give is excessive reading of my blog may lead to aggression, pulling of hair, throwing things. Personally I would suggest take deep breaths and take out your frustration by giving me comments. Now you have your own personal space to write and at least you know there is one person who will read it with pure respect and concentration no matter how bad they are…:D :D( Ya that me)Well I don’t take criticisms so well so you better give me good comments…:D :D. So now when you have already decided to read it let me come to the point. As I was scrolling down my blog post I started thinking I write about things any one can write about. I mean anyone can talk about bull shit I just wrote. Let me tell you why I am raising this issue again. As clear from the previous blog post that I can write about anything and everything. I don’t even need a topic to talk on (apart from those boring topics like politic and current affair.(sorry irfan bhai no offence you are a great writer)). Let newspaper write about them. You are here for some fun. I can write about reality. What I think of people what I think of the world but my mind is filled with so much of negativity now a days that I don’t want to make this blog the way of taking out my frustration(You must be thinking what am I doing from past  5mins). But I don’t see enough comments in my blog that it deserve. I mean I don’t want my inbox to be filled with just comment but at least show some respect and praise me…..:D :D(I am now practically begging for it…:P:P). As now I can see a feeble smile on your face I think my motive of this blog is finished so I should leave you alone otherwise you can kill me. Hey time for a new pj. Ha ha ha you thought you can escape that easily

Why people are not supposed to clap in Afghanistan?
don’t know
Coz Afghanistan has “Taliban”(Talli ban)…:D :D

PS I am working on my love story. I am trying to give it a good end...:):)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

lucky in love part 3

So a little recap from the previous part. Aakash is a Facebook addict guy met a girl there named Jiya. And as conversation progressed Aakash proposed her. Aakash thought Jiya didn’t wanted to talk to him anymore that why she cut the phone but the reality was she ran out of balance. She also liked Aakash and wanted to tell her but luck didn’t favor the situation coz Aakash didn’t had balance either otherwise he would called her in the first place. Now at one side Aakash was sitting on the edge of the window. Sleep was miles away. He was thinking that he messed it up all and another side Jiya was lying on his bed and staring at the ceiling. She was not sleepy either. She was worried about Aakash. This night was crucial for both of them. Next morning first thing both they wanted to do was recharge their cell phones and call. Jiya called Aakash

Jiya- My balance got finished yesterday.

Aakash-I thought that only (but he obviously thought something else). So what is your answer?

Jiya-About what

 Aakash-Yesterday I asked you something

Jiya-Oh about that Aakash I like you but I don’t love you. You are a nice guy. Every girl will be happy who get a guy like you

Aakash- I don’t want anyone else I want to make you happy. If I am that nice why don’t you love me

Jiya-why are you not understanding Aakash…. We are not meant to be together. It’s just we have been talking continuously from a long time that’s why you are thinking that way. It’s a mere attraction.

Aakash-It was a serendipity that we met which not occurs quite often. You sneaked my life and then my heart and I had no idea when it happened but surely it did. You are calling it mere attraction. I wish I could tell you that how much I love you. I will never leave you alone, will never let you get scared. All I just want is a chance. If nothing happened between us we will part our ways. That ways no one will get hurt. Simple

Jiya-it’s not that simple as you are thinking Aakash.

Aakash-Jiya think after ten years down the line when you will be walking on the street thinking was there something between us. What if we had given this a chance. What if we have given us a chance. I don’t want to say what if all my life.

 Jiya was lost in her thought what to say. There was a silence for 5 second

Jiya said ok let’s give this a shot

 Aakash was practical dancing on the other side of the phone

Jiya-That doesn’t mean it’s a yes.

Aakash knew that he will convert this “maybe” into a “yes”. Now they started taking things on the next level. “Tu” became “tum” and “kar” became “karo”. Now Jiya saw a drastic change in Aakash. The different side of him she has only seen him cracking jokes and making fun of everybody but now she saw a sinecure romantic Aakash taking care of her. Every time they talked he used to her that if she has eaten or not. If she was ill he will call her and remind her to take her medicine. One day when they were talking Jiya was lying on the bed coz of fever. Aakash was scolding her for being careless and not taking her medicine. Jiya had tears in her eye (khushi ke aansu as in the Hindi movies) thinking that she is so lucky for having a caring person in her life and out of nowhere she said I love you. And I would like you to take care of me and scold me like this for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Non sense With a little sense....:):)

Its 2:30 here and I am stuck thinking about what to write. But I have to write some thing. It has been long that I have written some thing significant. I don't have a idea about my recent love story. I guess have not been lucky in love. There are several people who wait for my blog and are eager to read it. Ok enough of my fictional thoughts and lets just come back to reality again there is no one here who waits for my blog. Oh come on who want to read a blog of naive immature kid. Yes but there are some people who reads my blog precisely 10. I know some of my fellow blogger want to kill me now because they are so intense in their writing raising the social issue and problems they face in their daily lives like Irfan bhai (as i like to call him) and there are people who write about realities and talk about their life like Purvaa (i don't know why there is a extra 'A' in her name) but what do I write about I really don't know my forte. Even if I am talking about something serious i will say something funny in between but thats the way I am. I take think lightly I am happy to be sad and for those reader after reading some intense blog they should come to my blog for some tension release. Because you will always find 1-2 sade hue jokes as i like to call them PJs (i know it can make you pull your hair) and my take on every thing which is written in brackets that can bring at least a smile on your face. i think i am doing a good job. See i have finished writing one more blog without having a topic in my mind. i am a genius. I can write about any thing. Ok now you will be thinking why i am praising my self coz no one else does it so thought why shouldn't I do it. Anyways now you will be bored and probably thinking why am I read this post so for you here is a pj if still you can bear it

A man was doing exercise on the road. With dumbbell and all so people started talking autographs from him. tell me why?
don't know
i will tell you
coz he became 
"Gym carry" (jim carrey)
:D :D

now you can kill me and please leave your comments down. My soul will rest in peace.... :D :D

PS Please tell your friends about my blog. More people more comment. More comments better inspiration. Better inspiration Better blog....:):)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

lucky in love part 2

In collaboration with this laptop Divyansh lachhwani proudly presents lucky in love part 2

So a little recap from the previous part. Aakash is a Facebook addict guy met a girl there named Anamika. She suggested Aakash to meet Jiya. Now Aakash became restless. The only thing running in his mind was that when will Jiya accept his friendship request. 2 days passed but nothing happened. On the third day when Anamika was online Aakash started talking to her and asked her why Jiya has not accepted his request

Anamika-she don’t come online that often

 Aakash-So how will I talk to her

Anamika-You can ask for her cell number

Aakash-No girl will give her number that soon

Anamika said thand rak yaar

Next day the request was accepted and he was on the 9th cloud. Luckily he was online at that time (it was just no mere luck. He was always on Facebook….:D). So they started talking. For the first time Aakash was shy talking to a girl. He was searching for topics to talk on. That girl really talks very less. Anyways first meeting was not that bad. Now Aakash started waiting for her to come online. They will talk for hours. One day Aakash gather the courage to ask for her cell number and she gave him the number it was 1AM. He asked her whether it’s too late to call her now. She said “you can call me”. And Aakash called her and talked for like one hour until Aakash’s balance got finished. Then Jiya called back. Again they started talking. It was 3:30 in the morning when Jiya said we should sleep now I have to get up early in the morning. Aakash saw his watch and was surprised to see the time because he has never talked with someone on phone for that long. Now the barrier of the distance was reduced by Facebook and cell phone. One day when Aakash called Jiya, she was very sad. Aakash asked what the matter. Now here there is an entry of a new character name Sameer Jiya’s best friend.

Jiya-Sameer proposed me today. He said he love me and want to marry me.

Aakash-So what did you replied(Aakash crossed his fingers and was getting restless now).

Jiya-I told him that you are my good friend and I like you but not love you to get married.

 Aakash saw his chance of having her as a girl friend is slipping away coz he knew that somewhere down the line she will go away from her if he didn’t do anything now. He was so indulged in thinking that he didn’t paid attention to what Jiya was saying. Thoughts were running in his mind like what should I do. If I said anything about my feeling it will be a desperate attempt to let her know that I want her too but if I didn’t she will go away. He said what the hell lets take the risk and tell her what you think about her. Aakash you can do it. It’s not that difficult. Ek ladki ko I love you hi to bolna hai what’s the big deal. So finally he said “Jiya I want to tell you something this may comes to you as a shock and especially after has happened with you today but I am going to tell you. I think I am falling for you. I love you. Jiya kya tum is bahut jyada bolne wale aur sade hue joke marne wale idiot ko apni sari zindagi jelna pasand karogi aur me tumhe ye sochne ke liye apni sari zindagi ka waqt deta hun”. And the line got disconnected

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lucky in Love Part 1

Let me start this story by giving you the introduction of the characters of my story. The first character is Aakash as you all know him from the previous story. What!!! You have not read the previous story. Go and read it now. I am not going to start this story until you finish that one. I know you won’t go but after this one please read that one also. Another character is a girl who is not fat just kind of chubby cute little child named Jiya obviously from the previous story. Aakash was on his laptop typing furiously sitting in his room. He was so indulge into whatever he was doing that he was not even aware of his surroundings. His Dad saw him from entrance of the room. He thought he was working hard to make his project. But the reality was he was chatting with his net friends 2 at a time. Suddenly his mom entered into the room. She said “Sara din Facebook par laga rahta hai kabhi kuch pad bhi liya kar. Aakash said “mom abhi important baat chal rahi hai bus 2 min”. Actually important talk was about yesterday’s world cup that India won finally. At the same time he was consoling his friend(her name is not important) as she had her break up today. Suddenly he saw a girl’s profile in his suggested friends and he thought of adding her (she was sexy man…:D) but then he thought she will never accept his request. But any how he thought bejne me kya jata hai. Reject hi to karegi. So he sends the request. After that he got busy in his work. He didn’t open his Facebook account for 4 days. After that when he opened his account he has forgot about the girl. Anyways when he checked his notifications he saw that Anamika (That sexy girl) has accepted his request. As he was browsing through her profile, he saw that she was “in a relationship”. He thought ye bhi committed hai koi single ladki bachi hai ya nahi. Anyways she was online at that time and she pinged him to say “hi”. He started chatting with her. And in conversation topic came to relationships

Anamika-Tumhari life me koi special nahi hai

Aakash-You know not have been lucky in love

Anamika-You are a liar. Tum jaise ladke ki koi girlfriend nahi ho essa ho hi nahi sakta

Aakash-Kyon koi seedha sada ladka single nahi ho sakta

Anamika-Ho sakta hai magar tum nahi

Aakash-Sahi me yaar koi girl friend nahi hai acha tumhari koi dost ho to batana

Anamika-Mujhe apni kisi dost ko dukhi nahi dekhna hai

Aakash- Me itna bhi bura nahi hun yaar

Anamika- Acha meri ek friend tu usse baat kar. Uska naam Jiya hai, vo single but kisi se jyada baat nahi karti. I want her to meet people but tune uska dil dukhaya na to tera muh tod dungi

Aakash–Thik hai yaar tod lena. Lekin tu use mere liye baat kar lena. Mujhe nahi pata ladkiyo se kaise baat karte hai

Anamika- thik hai me usko bol dungi.

Anyways Aakash send the request to Jiya. Just then his mom came in and asked him to put the laptop down and have some food