Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The christmas feeling

Tomorrow is Christmas. And new year is around the corner. It seems Christmas has waved a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautifulThere is so much of romance in the air these days. I am missing my Beloved who would be sitting some where in her home cozing in her blanket and me....? i am sitting in my balcony shivering due to cold and writing this weird stuff. The view in front of me is magnificent. Its just like a Christmas tree. To the left is a series of building with white light, in front of me are yellow lights, below me is a lake with a building by the side who's reflection can be seen in the lake. But its not worth it its all seems incomplete without her presence. If i could wish for one thing on this Christmas  I will surely will wish for her but At the end of the day i know my wish isn't going to come true and I will be alone. I want to say so many things to her but I can't. Now its too late to say any thing. She has created a wall against herself that i can't break. I suggest you guys to go get out there speak out your feeling to people you love otherwise it will be too late and you will be standing in the cold just like me thinking what if i had said that.... what if i have expressed my true feeling...what if.... so don't wait just go. if you thinking that some things should be remain unsaid then my friend you could be wrong. some times some things if left unsaid remain unheard.....

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