Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happily ever after.....Part 2

A little recap from the first part. Boy saw girl in the classroom and Aakash (apna hero) gradually falls in love with the girl (apni heroine) but never had the courage to tell her. Now days were moving fast. Aakash didn’t realize it. He was busy enjoying moments with jiya. It felt within a fraction of second 4 years passed and it was time to leave the school. Then he realized some part of him was going far away and he didn’t have the guts to tell her. Actually he was little bit of confused too. He was thinking like how I can fall in love. All his life he hated those love stories. He thought people who fall in love are jokers. He had been practical his whole life. He thought there is no such thing as love. Only give and take relationship exits. But definitely he was in love. Anyways he didn’t tell her coz he didn’t want to lose such a good friend. In order to stop thinking about her he thought maybe it will be good for him to stay away from her so that I can forget her and Coz jiya lived across the street and he will see her daily. He thought he should leave the city. How na├»ve he was. He didn’t know love is a most cruel thing that can happen to someone. He came to another city for studies but every second there was like hell for him. Every second apart from her was like eternity. He would think about her all the time he would sit in my room sulk in my pain like “devdas”. It was his first Valentine’s Day in the college. Everybody in the hostel went out with their girlfriends. He was sitting on the edge of the roof on the 13th floor of his building all alone. It was evening time around 6. Sun was about to set. He thought what she will be doing right now. Has she gone on a date or she is staying home just like me. There was only one way to find it out. He called her. She said she is sitting in her room alone. No one asked her out that is why she didn’t go out. Aakash thought this is the best time to propose her. He thought as I feeling lonely may be she is also feeling the same thing. It took lot of courage for Aakash to say “jiya mein tumse kuch kahna chahta hun”. Jiya said “haan haan bolo”. And there was a silence of 4-5 seconds and finally he said “I love you jiya”. And jiya said “Aakash tum kabhi nahi sudharoge na. Tumhe aaj ke din bhi mazak suj raha hai”. And Aakash was like “mazak..?. I am serious jiya. I have always been a serious guy. It’s just to make you laugh to see that sweet smile I used to make that jokes” and then jiya said the heart breaking thing to Aakash “ Aakash mene tumhe kabhi us nazar se dekha hi nahi and moreover I want to concentrate on my career now”. And then there was a silence. Jiya asked “tum ro rahe ho…?” and Aakash said “nahi” but he was crying. Aakash said “mene sab kuch bigard diya. Ab hamari friendship bhi khatam ho jayegi. Isliye me tumhe kuch batana nahi chahta tha par kya karu ye dil nahi mana isliye bol diya” jiya then said “no you did the right thing and we can be friends.” But Aakash knew it will never going to be same again

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