Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Mystery of the Rose Part1

15 Jan 06:30AM

‘You awake?’ she said 
I opened my eyes. I saw the first ray of light fall on her face, I could see a smile. It said a new day has begun. She looked at me with half opened eyes. I got lost in her innocence the flair on her face still some sleep was left in her eyes. Event of last night flash backed on to my mind. It has been a crazy week. Who thought our normal will change gears and give a mind bobbling week.

11 Jan 7:00PM

My evening has begun with regular things like coming from the office. I got myself stuffed in the beanbag watching some news. It showed some serial killer who has murdered 9 females. What amused me was he used to rape them and then murder them and put a rose as his token. Sagar has called me twice that day to come to Techillas but I was not in a mood. Mind was busy thinking about Sonia. When will she be back from her office and we will go to Barbeque Nation once I am done with few drinks at Techillas with Sagar. This has been my plan to out for some drinks with Sagar and have dinner with Sonia and return to place. Sometimes it included a romantic walk even though I had a car. Sometimes I used to stop the car in some desert place like Sonia’s apartment parking lot just to make out for a while. Sonia has a thinking of having sex after marriage only and I was ok with it. And since it has been only 1 month we have been dating. We were just so perfect for each other. She belonged to a middle class Marathi family. Dad worked in BEHL and mother was a house wife. She was mature slow going girl never done anything adventurous in her life as I wanted her to be like that. And me… I won’t say I am a rich brat but you could say we belonged to upper middle class family and being in a one of best engineering colleges in city and living alone in a flat has its own perks. I had spend many fun filled night out with my friends. Drove bikes at high speeds racing through the traffic filled streets, even drags at night. Got drunk really bad and created a scene outside the house of one of my college teacher. Luckily he was also a youngster and understood that these were the days to have fun. Now I am working in a software firm so I have to act sophisticated but sometimes my wild side comes out in weekends. So Sonia wanted some adventure in her life. No she needed it. Someone has correctly said Opposite attracts. I first saw Sonia in one of my friend’s party (although I don’t know how her parents allowed her to get to one). Anyways I was lucky we met that day. In the first meeting we were so fond of each other that we started talking even after the party ended. Then it started with a hiii on Facebook and then in messages and eventually late night calls ending with one of us sleeping while talking. We started meeting quite often. Kake da dabba was our favorites spot because it was little out of the city. We will sit under and have a moon light dinner. But today I was different. I was too tired to go out. So I was thinking of calling Sonia to my place and I will make the dinner for both of us. But when Sonia said she wanted to try something new so I couldn’t refuse her cute request. So I went to Techillas.

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