Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Mystery of the Rose Part2

Jan 11 7:45PM
Sagar was waiting for me there already. Sagar a typical Guajarati mamma’s boy. His dad had a huge business in Ahmadabad but he wanted to do something else rather than selling sarees at one of his father’s shop. 'What the hell men… why are you late?' said Sagar

'Sorry dude. I was working late in the office. Really tired.'

'Hmm ok. So what are we having today? The usual?'

'No dude I am not in a mood to go for shots today. I will stick to beer only'

'Beer it is'

Sagar ordered beer for both of us. Then we started talking

'You know there is this serial killer all over the news today. He has raped and killed 9 females. And the interesting thing about him is the leaves a rose as his token on the dead body' I said.

'Ya I heard but police says he is psycho and he needs a psychiatrist rather than jail.'

'But eventually he will be put to jail'

Just then Sonia called. She said she will be free a little early today so I suggested her to come to Techillas. She said she will be there in 40 mins.

Jan 11 8:45PM

When Sonia reached there, I was 2 bottles down. She was looking stunning in that white dress which extended till her knees. I asked ‘Where did you get this dress’ because she always wears an office suit. She said ‘I bought this dress a year ago but never got a chance to wear it. I found it in my wardrobe this morning so wore it, thought it would be a nice change for the day’. I offered her beer knowing that she does not drink. She gave me angry look. I smiled and said ‘you look cute when you are angry’. She said ‘Do you want some more cuteness’. Sagar intervened ‘somebody is in trouble now’. I said ‘chill out baby. What happened? You seem upset’. She said it’s her boss. Then she explained about how her boss is an asshole. I was too tired to listen to her. I just “hummed” all way down the conversation. Then I bid goodbyes with Sagar and left the place. As we were moving towards the car I saw signs of worrying on her face. I said ‘Darling leave that jackass in the office. Why should we ruin our evening? Come on now give me a lovely smile’. She smiled. While getting into the car ‘I wanted to go home and changed first’ she said. I said ‘sweetheart you are looking beautiful in this dress only’. ‘Thanks but I need to take a quick shower too’ and I didn’t had any other option but to say ok. I turned the keys and brought engine to life roared a bit showing off my 1961 Mustang and drive out of the parking lot. As we were on the road it went up to 80Kmph. Sonia scolded me what are you doing Puneet. Drive slowly. And I had to go down to 40-50Kmph. I finally screeched my wheel in front of Sonia’s apartment.

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