Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Lucky in Love Part 6

So a little recap from the previous part. Aakash is a Facebook addict guy met a girl there named Jiya. Slowly they fall in love. But now her marriage is fixed somewhere else and Aakash has gone there to stop it. Anyways there he saw one man instructing everybody. He looked a little tensed. Aakash thought he could be Jiya’s father. He went up to him
Aakash- Uncle vo Jiya…
Uncle- Beta Jiya abhi ghar par nahi hai. Beauty parlor gayi hai.
Aakash- Uncle mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai.
Uncle- Beta abhi me busy hun. Tum baad me aana hum aaram se beth kar baat karenge
Aakash- Nahi uncle baat bahut important hai abhi hi karni zaruri hai.
Uncle- Essa kya hai jo thodi der bhi nahi ruk sakta. Waise tumne bataya nahi tum kaun ho
Aakash- Uncle mera naam Aakash hai
He saw Jiya coming.
Jiya- Aakash? What are you doing here?
Uncle- Do you know him?
Jiya- Aakash please tum yahaan se chale jao. Aaj meri engagement hai
Aakash- Jiya please aaj mujhe mat roko.
And then he told him everything to uncle.
Uncle- Tumhara dimaag to thikane par hai.
Aakash- I know uncle isliye me itni dur se bas aapse ye hi kahne aaya hun. Please ye sagaai rok dijiye, warna bahut der ho jayegi
Uncle- Jiya Do you love him?
Jiya- Yes papa but…
Uncle didn’t let Jiya finish her sentence. He spoke in between
Uncle- Do you kids think this is some kind of joke. Hindi movie ka scene hai kya ki ladka aayega aur engagement ruk jayegi
Till then everyone has gather around them. Everyone started talking.
Aakash- Shall we talk in a room. I don’t wanna create a scene
Uncle- Scene has already been created. What else do you want to do? I think you should leave.
At that time Sameer appeared out of no where
Sameer- Ye sab kya ho raha hai?
Aakash- Sameer you shut up. Let me talk
Sameer- Jiya Who’s this guy?
Jiya- He is Aakash
Sameer- Lekin ye to…
Aakash- Didn’t I asked you to shut up. I don’t like people interrupting me especially those whom I don’t like
Aakash (turned towards uncle)- Uncle meri baat to sun lijiye. Kyon aap Jiya ki shaadi zarbardasti uske saath karna chahte. Aapko bhi pata hai Jiya uske saath khush nahi rahegi. That ways you are ruining lives.
Aunty (Jiya’s mom) - Sahi to kaha raha hai Aakash.
Uncle- Tum beach me mat bolo
Aunty- kyon na bolu meri bachi ki zindagi ka sawal hai.
Aakash- Uncle me ye nahi bol raha ki aap Jiya ki shaadi abhi mujhse karwa dijiye. All I am asking is time. Just let Jiya and me spend some time. That ways we will know how much we love each other.
Sameer- Uncle I hate to say this but Aakash thik bol raha hai
Aakash looked at sameer in astornishment coz he never expected this coming from Sameer. Now uncle was silent. He was in a state of dilemma. Aakash thought am I in a dream or sameer is really supporting me. Then uncle smiled and said
Uncle- Jab dhula dhulhan razi to kya karega kazi.
Someone from the crowd said Sameer dekhta rah gaya aur Aakash le gaya bazi and everybody started laughing. Sameer’s face became red.
Suddenly Anamika arrived there and was surprised to see everyone laughing
 Aakash- Ye hamari Hindi film ki police ki tarah hai. Jab sab khatam ho gaya tab aa rahi hai.
And this series of laughter continued…
Aakash(to Sameer)- No offence with you buddy. Don’t take it amiss nothing was personal.
Sameer- I know that. If I was in you place I would have said same thing as you did.
Aakash- But if I was in your place I would have punched you
And they both smiled and shook hands. Everything went said Aakash thought. He started smiling and thought that he has done all the clich├ęs like running on the airport, stopping a marriage (engagement) that I hero do in the movies whom I thought were idiots

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