Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Perfect Part 2

A little recap from the previous part. Aakash has finished his 12th and he had an argument with his father about his career. He was on his bike going towards the beach. His bike was tolerating all his anger. Whenever he uses to feel low, he will go to the beach and sit alone there. He was sitting there on one of the rock. He was looking the water. How calm it was. He thought just when wind starts to flow, waves take the gigantic form. He started thinking just like the sea should he also take the gigantic form and be a rebel to his father to fulfill his dreams or he should he be calm and to obey him lead life his father want him to. May be his father is right. May be becoming a writer is not a good idea. He has taken his decision. Now he started walking on the sand. Sun was about to set. The view was magnificent.  Thought started emerging on his mind. He sat down by the side took out his pen and notepad and started writing whatever he was thinking so that he won’t forget it when he will go home. Later he can write something good out of it. It was getting dark there. He started walking towards his bike. There was a smile on his face. Coz now he knew what he is going to do. He has been a good student in his school life. What happened if he has a course which is not of his interest. He can manage just how he has managed in school. And by the side he will keep writing. As he was driving his bike, he saw the skyscrapers of big corporate firms. He thought one day he will be working for one of the firms. As he reached home, his mother called him and was angry

Mother- Where did you go? We were worried about you.

Aakash- I went to the beach maa.

Mother- At least you should have had you lunch. Din me tum kabhi khana nahi khate ho. Esse hi chalta raha to weak ho jaoge (She was setting the dining table for dinner)

Aakash - Ok maa. Give me food now I am hungry.
Mother- Go, call your father also. He must me waiting too.

Aakash yelled (Sitting at the dining table) - Dad food is ready.

Mother (Giving a pat on the back) - You are so lazy. Room me jake nahi bhula sakta hai.

His dad entered the room and sat on the table. As they were eating Aakash started the conversation

Aakash- Dad I want some money

Dad- How much?

Aakash - Around 3000-4000

Dad - Itne paise kyon chahiye. Everything alright?

Aakash- Yes dad. Everything is fine. I need to fill the engineering entrance examination form. Ab engineering college me esse thodi na jane denge.

Dad- To finally tumhari akal thikane aa hi gayi. Achha hai. Abhi mere ass nahi hai. Mein tumhe kal paise de dunga.

And rest of the dinner was eaten in silence.


  1. All's well that ends well. It's the same story in so many houses where the children want to rebel but in some cases like in your story, good sense prevailed. Nice end

  2. hhmmmm...perhaps i can understand where you intend to point or who are all the cast of ur story....well you know Divyansh, it happens very often....sometimes the decision taken is apt and sometimes it goes otherwise....i wish it was the right decision by Aakash here to follow his father's views.

    Best wishes,

  3. I wish I knew what dad's last statement was, "To finally tumhari akal thikane aa hi gayi. Achha hai. Abhi mere ass nahi hai. Mein tumhe kal paise de dunga"...

    Only then could I make a real comment ;)

    SO I'll come back...thanks :)

  4. @sulekkha- story doesn't end here. still lot to cm...:):)
    @irfan bhai- aapka nishana sahi jagah hi lagta hai...:):)
    @melissa- i m so sorry. i totally 4got abt tat. nywys here is d translation " so finaly u came back to ur senses. i don't have tat much cash nw. i l give it to 2mrw". Nywys ny ting else ma'am...:):)