Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Monday, July 11, 2011

Perfect Part 1

Let me start my story with the by giving the introduction of the characters. Mr. Chopra a lower middle class government employee Mrs. Chopra a housewife and Aakash their son. The other characters are not important but as they appear in the story I will let you know. Aakash has just finished his 12th exams. Let’s go to Chopra residence and let’s see what happening there. There was a heated argument going on. The scene inside didn’t look good as it used to be. Aakash slammed the door and left the house. He was in full anger. He just had a huge argument with his dad about his career. His father wanted him to be an engineer and after that he wanted him to do a MBA so that he can get a job in a reputed IT company. But Aakash had entirely different thought going in his mind. He wanted to be a writer. The conversation which he had with his father is as follows

Aakash: Dad mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai

Dad:  Abhi me busy hun baad me baat kare.

Aakash: Its important dad. It’s about my career.

Mr. Chopra kept the file aside and started listening

Aakash: Dad I don’t want to do B. Tech. I don’t want to be an engineer

Dad: Then what you want to do. You want to struggle about things you can’t have and then when enough time has passed and you will not have a degree. You will have to join a BPO. That’s the future you want for yourself.

Aakash: At least let me try once

Dad: Even if you succeed you will not be able to earn yourself a lifestyle you will have when you will became a manager

Aakash- Dad whatever I will earn I will be happy. I will be doing things I am good at and at the same time I will be enjoying

Dad- This is what you want to do. Enjoy… Huh. If you are done with your foolish talk let me get back to my work.

Aakash- But Dad….

Dad- Enough. Now you will do as I say. No more arguments

And Aakash slammed the door behind as he left the room. Mrs. Chopra called Aakash as he was leaving the house
Mom- Aakash khana to kha ke jao

Aakash- mom mujhe bhook nah hai me bahar ja raha hun.
For Aakash it felt like suffocating in there. So he headed towards the beach on his bike


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  2. @ismail123- thnks u very much.... it means a lot 2 me...:):)