Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Monday, August 29, 2011

Perfect Part 3

A little recap from the previous part. Aakash has finished his 12th and he had an argument with his father about his career. But he agreed at the end. He gave engineering entrance exam and came out with flying colors. As the college was a little far away from the city, he decided to live in the hostel. It would be a good experience for him as he has always been living with his parents. In the starting everything was fine. He was allotted a room with a guy. Although he was not of his branch but he was fine. In the starting classes seemed also interesting. But as the time passed things start to change. He was no more interested in class as he could not understand anything in class. He was having a tough time with his subject. On top of that he went into the company of some rich brats of the college. As he couldn’t get along with other student of the class he started hanging out with these guys. But as the time passed he felt he has become the joker of the group. He belonged to a lower middle class family came from a rural area he couldn't spend money as other guys used to. He could not afford branded clothes, luxurious meals other guy used to make fun of him. He started drifting away from everyone in college. He went into depression. His life was confined between hostel and the class room. So as he has no one to talk to, he started writing stories in the class. He started not paying attention to what teacher was teaching. He will be lost in his own fictional world. Slowly he lost interest in his studies. When the results of first semester came all were shocked. Aakash got only 50%.  As the time passed semester after semester his grade started to fall gradually. Even he got some backs. When he cleared those backs, he got more backs in next semester. It became a chain of backs. He went home after his 4th semester exams. When he was busy reading a novel in his room his dad came in

Dad- Aakash it seem you have lost interest in your studies. What’s happening? We are providing you all the facilities even then you are not getting good marks

Aakash- Dad I never wanted to be an engineer. You forced me into it

Dad- I know what you wanted to be. I am not like your uncle who has a business to back you up if you could not succeed

Aakash- I know that dad. I never asked for your help. I could have managed but you never trusted me

Dad- These are all excuses to escape the reality.

Aakash- That’s the problem dad. You have decided that I am wrong without even considering the reason behind it

Dad- Aakash doesn’t give me this philosophical crap.

Aakash- Dad this argument is endless. You will never admit your mistake and I can’t live with the fact that I was wrong. So let’s just not talk about it

Aakash went out of the room. After few days Aakash’s result came. He couldn’t pass one of his critical papers. So he got a year back. He has to sit home for the whole year.

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