Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Perfect Part 4

A little recap from the previous part. Aakash has finished his 12th and he had an argument with his father about his career. But he agreed at the end. He joined the engineering college but his grades started to fall gradually. And at the end of 4th semester he got a year back. He went to the beach on his bike that day. He sat on a rock and started playing with the sand. He thought his life has become like the sand. No matter how harder he tried holds it, it slipped out of fingers faster. He came back to his hostel immediately after that as he didn’t want to let anyone know what was in his heart. As soon as he entered the room, he went on his knees as a defeated king and covered his face with his hands and started crying like an innocent baby. His pain doesn't seem to reduce. His crying turned into screaming. He started punching the wall. His agony seems endless. His frustration of so many years was coming out. He started feeling the pain in his head. As he could not stand anymore he put his hand on the floor. Then he sat there against the wall alone. His face was drenched with tears. He started thinking what has happened to him. How his life has changed. How he has changed in past 3 years. He has changed so much that he could recognize himself in the mirror. Who thought a good student in school one of the topper will struggle to get just passing marks. He never planned this. Everything in his life seems so destroyed. He has nowhere to go. Every path he chooses to go seems blurred. No one was there for him. No relative no friends no one. When he first came to college, he thought he will study hard and will be a good student in college as well. Life tuned out to be rather opposite as he has dreamt of it. But now anything can't be done. He thought to himself. Everything he planned turned out to be a disaster. As he sat there he saw sleeping pills on the shelf. He thought now this is the last option to get out of this pain. He got up and took out 15-20 pills randomly dissolved it in glass of water and gulped it. After 10 minutes he couldn’t stand. He slowly leaned down and sat against the wall. He started to feel the dizziness. He smiled on the irony that now may be everyone will be happy that he didn't failed in doing this and he closed his eyes laid there as the pain subsidized forever. One more talent was wasted just coz of parent’s hypocrisy.

Via my blog I want to ask all the parents why can't they understand their children feeling and let their child choose their own career? I know they are experienced but they should think about child's interest. They should not lay weight of their dreams on their child’s shoulder. In today’s world anything can be made a career. I mean anything a writer a choreographer painter anything. Why are they being Hippocratic?

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