Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Mystery of the Rose Part3

Jan 11 9:15PM

She said ‘she will be back in 5 mins’. I never believed a girl when she says that she will take 5mins to get ready. I knew Sonia is gonna take at least 30mins. As she got out of the car she asked ‘Are you not coming upstairs?’

‘Naah I am good here only. Anyways Pooja won’t like my presence. You go and change’ I said cautiously.

Pooja was Sonia’s roommate. For some stupid reason she hated me. She uses to think guys like me can’t stay faithful to one girl for a long time. I was not good enough for her. Sometime I thought she was a lesbian. It has past 25mins and it was getting hard for me to wait. I called Sonia. She didn’t pick up her call. As I got out of my car to go to Sonia’s apartment a dead body fell on my car. All the glasses were shattered. I bend down to save myself from getting hurt. I looked up. It fell from 3rd floor. I ran towards Sonia’s apartment. I saw Sonia coming out of her building, ‘you alright? What happened?’ I yelled. Sonia was terrified. She handed keys of her car to me and asked me to get in her car and drive as fast as I can.’ Will you tell me what the fuck was that and what’s going on?’ I asked burning the wheels.’ I saw a man killing my neighbor. He was behind me. I somehow saved myself and ran out of there’. ‘Is Pooja safe’? I asked. ‘She is on night duty today’. As we were passing M G road I noticed an Audi coming rapidly towards us. ‘Wear your seat belt Sonia’ I said changing the gear. I paced on 60 to 90miles per hour but still that car was behind us. I took some swift turn drifting the vehicle. ‘I think we have lost him’ I said to Sonia. But I was wrong. On the next turn itself Sonia screamed ‘On your right’ and he hit the car. I saw him through the tinted window. He was wearing black clothes, black hat and an aviator shades. I wondered how someone can wear shades at night. Anyways I took a left turn and he had to go straight because the turn was so steep. If he had taken his chances he would have ended in colliding in the wall. Finally we were out of his reach. Sonia took a breath of relief. ‘It’s not safe going to your place for the time being’ I said to Sonia and turned my wheels to my place. I saw Sonia really scared sitting on my couch with her hands tangled around her waist. Tears rolled down her cheek. ‘Don’t worry sweetie. I am with you. I will let anybody hurt you’ and I hugged her from behind. She felt relaxed. She looked up and the distance between our lips reduced to zero. It turned into a passionate kiss and until I got to know we were out of our clothes. I got over her on the couch itself. I warned her one last time ‘you sure about this’. She shook her head while kissing. I kissed her neck played with her navel. I cuddled her for a while. We made love all night. I don’t know what went into her and made her do so but whatever it was, it made me feel wonderful. 

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