Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Mystery of the Rose Part4

Jan 12 7:00AM

We were having tea in bed when I switched on the TV. I put on the news channel. ‘Not the news channel again’ said Sonia. 

‘Sshhh. It’s showing news about the murderer you saw last night’. And I heard the news anchor saying ‘This is the first time that mysterious murderer has done two murders in one night that too in same apartment. One was done in flat 302 and the other one in flat 303 just opposite to that in Spring Field. According to the police…’ I muted the sound. ‘Oh my god… NO’ screamed Sonia. Pooja was murdered that night too. She started crying. We ran towards Sonia’s apartment. There was police all over the place. When we reached there one police officer stopped us.

‘Are you Ms. Sonia’?

‘Yes I am’.

‘Ma’am would you please step aside. I wanted to ask you some questions’

Sonia didn’t say anything. She was still in a shock of Pooja’s death. She was sobbing. Tears were flowing from her eyes. Her eyes have become red now. I embraced her from the side to indicate have some courage and be strong. Now the police officer asked ‘Where were you last night?’ and the pain she was holding up came out as tears. She hugged me tightly. The police officer looked at me as if asking who I was. ‘My name is Puneet. I am Sonia’s boyfriend’. Now Sonia was looking better. She started telling him about the last night. She told him each bit of it. The officer listened to her patiently. ‘Pooja’s murder was not preplanned. We could not find any rose over or near the dead body’. He said after she was finished telling her story 

‘So how can you be so sure that the person who killed both of them is same?’ 

‘The weapon used was same in both the case. A knife designed solely for military in World War II has been used and it was primarily intended for hand-to-hand or close combat fighting’

I gave a weird look to him. 

‘I googled it’ said the police officer.

‘So may be this guy belongs to military.’ 

'Previously it was not easy to get these kind of knives but nowadays its easily available in market’. Said the officer. 

I just nodded in affirmative not knowing what to say. 

‘Can you tell me what does he look like? Anything would be helpful’ he said

‘I couldn’t look properly as it was dark and he was wearing black clothes but yes he had a scar on his left cheek’.  

‘He was around 5’ 10”.’ I added. 

‘Hmm if have something new to tell here is my card.’

I took his card.

‘But you told me Pooja had the night shift in her office. What was she doing in her apartment’? I asked Sonia.

‘According to her colleagues her night shift finished early today so she came back home’ said the police officer.

With a pause he said again ‘May be the killer wanted to kill you but instead when he found Pooja there he killed her’.

Sonia felt a chill down her spine.

‘This is not a simple murder case. We are looking at homicidal maniac’ I heard the officer say as we left from there.