Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lucky in Love Part 1

Let me start this story by giving you the introduction of the characters of my story. The first character is Aakash as you all know him from the previous story. What!!! You have not read the previous story. Go and read it now. I am not going to start this story until you finish that one. I know you won’t go but after this one please read that one also. Another character is a girl who is not fat just kind of chubby cute little child named Jiya obviously from the previous story. Aakash was on his laptop typing furiously sitting in his room. He was so indulge into whatever he was doing that he was not even aware of his surroundings. His Dad saw him from entrance of the room. He thought he was working hard to make his project. But the reality was he was chatting with his net friends 2 at a time. Suddenly his mom entered into the room. She said “Sara din Facebook par laga rahta hai kabhi kuch pad bhi liya kar. Aakash said “mom abhi important baat chal rahi hai bus 2 min”. Actually important talk was about yesterday’s world cup that India won finally. At the same time he was consoling his friend(her name is not important) as she had her break up today. Suddenly he saw a girl’s profile in his suggested friends and he thought of adding her (she was sexy man…:D) but then he thought she will never accept his request. But any how he thought bejne me kya jata hai. Reject hi to karegi. So he sends the request. After that he got busy in his work. He didn’t open his Facebook account for 4 days. After that when he opened his account he has forgot about the girl. Anyways when he checked his notifications he saw that Anamika (That sexy girl) has accepted his request. As he was browsing through her profile, he saw that she was “in a relationship”. He thought ye bhi committed hai koi single ladki bachi hai ya nahi. Anyways she was online at that time and she pinged him to say “hi”. He started chatting with her. And in conversation topic came to relationships

Anamika-Tumhari life me koi special nahi hai

Aakash-You know not have been lucky in love

Anamika-You are a liar. Tum jaise ladke ki koi girlfriend nahi ho essa ho hi nahi sakta

Aakash-Kyon koi seedha sada ladka single nahi ho sakta

Anamika-Ho sakta hai magar tum nahi

Aakash-Sahi me yaar koi girl friend nahi hai acha tumhari koi dost ho to batana

Anamika-Mujhe apni kisi dost ko dukhi nahi dekhna hai

Aakash- Me itna bhi bura nahi hun yaar

Anamika- Acha meri ek friend tu usse baat kar. Uska naam Jiya hai, vo single but kisi se jyada baat nahi karti. I want her to meet people but tune uska dil dukhaya na to tera muh tod dungi

Aakash–Thik hai yaar tod lena. Lekin tu use mere liye baat kar lena. Mujhe nahi pata ladkiyo se kaise baat karte hai

Anamika- thik hai me usko bol dungi.

Anyways Aakash send the request to Jiya. Just then his mom came in and asked him to put the laptop down and have some food


  1. Hey lekin ye uss story ka continuation hai ya naya story??? :P anyway waiting for the next installment :) keep writing

  2. hhmmmm... another romantic Saga... gud going, keep it up...:))

  3. @maithili- no its nt d continuation of d previous story. its jst i use same charactr name 4 every story its easy 2 remembr...:D :D

    @irfan bhai- i donno if its a saga bt its a luv story 4 sure(no like dat karan johar idiotic movies)..i hope u like it...:):)