Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

lucky in love part 2

In collaboration with this laptop Divyansh lachhwani proudly presents lucky in love part 2

So a little recap from the previous part. Aakash is a Facebook addict guy met a girl there named Anamika. She suggested Aakash to meet Jiya. Now Aakash became restless. The only thing running in his mind was that when will Jiya accept his friendship request. 2 days passed but nothing happened. On the third day when Anamika was online Aakash started talking to her and asked her why Jiya has not accepted his request

Anamika-she don’t come online that often

 Aakash-So how will I talk to her

Anamika-You can ask for her cell number

Aakash-No girl will give her number that soon

Anamika said thand rak yaar

Next day the request was accepted and he was on the 9th cloud. Luckily he was online at that time (it was just no mere luck. He was always on Facebook….:D). So they started talking. For the first time Aakash was shy talking to a girl. He was searching for topics to talk on. That girl really talks very less. Anyways first meeting was not that bad. Now Aakash started waiting for her to come online. They will talk for hours. One day Aakash gather the courage to ask for her cell number and she gave him the number it was 1AM. He asked her whether it’s too late to call her now. She said “you can call me”. And Aakash called her and talked for like one hour until Aakash’s balance got finished. Then Jiya called back. Again they started talking. It was 3:30 in the morning when Jiya said we should sleep now I have to get up early in the morning. Aakash saw his watch and was surprised to see the time because he has never talked with someone on phone for that long. Now the barrier of the distance was reduced by Facebook and cell phone. One day when Aakash called Jiya, she was very sad. Aakash asked what the matter. Now here there is an entry of a new character name Sameer Jiya’s best friend.

Jiya-Sameer proposed me today. He said he love me and want to marry me.

Aakash-So what did you replied(Aakash crossed his fingers and was getting restless now).

Jiya-I told him that you are my good friend and I like you but not love you to get married.

 Aakash saw his chance of having her as a girl friend is slipping away coz he knew that somewhere down the line she will go away from her if he didn’t do anything now. He was so indulged in thinking that he didn’t paid attention to what Jiya was saying. Thoughts were running in his mind like what should I do. If I said anything about my feeling it will be a desperate attempt to let her know that I want her too but if I didn’t she will go away. He said what the hell lets take the risk and tell her what you think about her. Aakash you can do it. It’s not that difficult. Ek ladki ko I love you hi to bolna hai what’s the big deal. So finally he said “Jiya I want to tell you something this may comes to you as a shock and especially after has happened with you today but I am going to tell you. I think I am falling for you. I love you. Jiya kya tum is bahut jyada bolne wale aur sade hue joke marne wale idiot ko apni sari zindagi jelna pasand karogi aur me tumhe ye sochne ke liye apni sari zindagi ka waqt deta hun”. And the line got disconnected


  1. sochne ke liye saari zindagi ka waqt!! wow!

  2. @maithali- believe me d best part is yet 2 cm...:):). btw thnks 4 readin...:):)