Me wit my love

Me wit my love

Saturday, May 21, 2011

lucky in love part 3

So a little recap from the previous part. Aakash is a Facebook addict guy met a girl there named Jiya. And as conversation progressed Aakash proposed her. Aakash thought Jiya didn’t wanted to talk to him anymore that why she cut the phone but the reality was she ran out of balance. She also liked Aakash and wanted to tell her but luck didn’t favor the situation coz Aakash didn’t had balance either otherwise he would called her in the first place. Now at one side Aakash was sitting on the edge of the window. Sleep was miles away. He was thinking that he messed it up all and another side Jiya was lying on his bed and staring at the ceiling. She was not sleepy either. She was worried about Aakash. This night was crucial for both of them. Next morning first thing both they wanted to do was recharge their cell phones and call. Jiya called Aakash

Jiya- My balance got finished yesterday.

Aakash-I thought that only (but he obviously thought something else). So what is your answer?

Jiya-About what

 Aakash-Yesterday I asked you something

Jiya-Oh about that Aakash I like you but I don’t love you. You are a nice guy. Every girl will be happy who get a guy like you

Aakash- I don’t want anyone else I want to make you happy. If I am that nice why don’t you love me

Jiya-why are you not understanding Aakash…. We are not meant to be together. It’s just we have been talking continuously from a long time that’s why you are thinking that way. It’s a mere attraction.

Aakash-It was a serendipity that we met which not occurs quite often. You sneaked my life and then my heart and I had no idea when it happened but surely it did. You are calling it mere attraction. I wish I could tell you that how much I love you. I will never leave you alone, will never let you get scared. All I just want is a chance. If nothing happened between us we will part our ways. That ways no one will get hurt. Simple

Jiya-it’s not that simple as you are thinking Aakash.

Aakash-Jiya think after ten years down the line when you will be walking on the street thinking was there something between us. What if we had given this a chance. What if we have given us a chance. I don’t want to say what if all my life.

 Jiya was lost in her thought what to say. There was a silence for 5 second

Jiya said ok let’s give this a shot

 Aakash was practical dancing on the other side of the phone

Jiya-That doesn’t mean it’s a yes.

Aakash knew that he will convert this “maybe” into a “yes”. Now they started taking things on the next level. “Tu” became “tum” and “kar” became “karo”. Now Jiya saw a drastic change in Aakash. The different side of him she has only seen him cracking jokes and making fun of everybody but now she saw a sinecure romantic Aakash taking care of her. Every time they talked he used to her that if she has eaten or not. If she was ill he will call her and remind her to take her medicine. One day when they were talking Jiya was lying on the bed coz of fever. Aakash was scolding her for being careless and not taking her medicine. Jiya had tears in her eye (khushi ke aansu as in the Hindi movies) thinking that she is so lucky for having a caring person in her life and out of nowhere she said I love you. And I would like you to take care of me and scold me like this for the rest of my life.